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Creating features from existing features that are not editable (.DWG file) with templates?

Question asked by Jeradtamu on Oct 1, 2014
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I was curious if anyone could assist me. I am copying and pasting features from my basemap (.dwg file) and would like to be able to choose a template to paste into instead of just my layers. The issue I am having is that I would like all of my attributes in my templates to populate my pasted features. I have seen on the esri help for 10.1 (using 10.2) that copying and pasting features allows the pasted features to use the features already populated within the source layer, so that the attributes are not overwritten by template features, but I would like for them to be overwritten with the attributes in my feature template. This might be very confusing so I will provide an example of what exactly I do.


Example: I have a .dwg file from autocad representing roads (polylines), oil wells (points), oil well paths (polylines), and oil well pads (polygons). (Obviously my .dwg file is not editable.) I copy the polyline representing roads and paste this to my "roads" layer, and all of the attributes are null. In my feature template, however, I have all of the necessary attributes populated. When I paste these features, a drop down of all of my editable layers appears. I would like to be able to select a template from this drop down, or find another way to achieve the automatic population that is possible when simply creating features from the "create features" table. The reason I must copy and paste from my .dwg file is because the geometry associated with the points, polylines, and polygons. I believe it would take much much longer to add the geometry afterwards, especially when I am working with pipelines that are miles in length, and must be split depending of heat numbers of the pipeline.


I would greatly appreciate any help whatsoever!

Thank you in advance!!