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incident detector output to show Name of geofence

Question asked by aam_damianslee on Sep 23, 2014


i'm evaluating GEP 10.2.2


i have a number of geofences in 2 categories,  Harbours and Airports.


the output of the Incident detector contains the open and closing condition (ieGeofence category), but it does not contain the actual geofence Name that caused the incident with the Asset/trackid.


Is geofence Name and Category going to be added to the Incident output in 10.3 or future version?

I don't want to have to add incident detector per geofence.   As it make it harder for new geofences to be defined by the business.

I could use GeoTagger on the incident output, but really that is re-evaluating the geometry intersection with all the geofences in the same category, which is duplicating the geometry processing.  And I would need 2x Geotagger's to pickup geofence name for when entry or exit condition is met.


Also Z (altitude) of the aircraft is being lost by the incident detector output.  Assuming the geofence is extruded vertically.  Should Z pass through?

Also X & Y precision is lost.



eg ouput of the incident detector


  "geometry": {

  "x": 115.7771,

  "y": -25.301,

  "z": 0.0,

  "spatialReference": {

  "wkid": 4326



  "attributes": {

  "id": "21fd4579-3c92-4150-9d9e-6659d44c7a0c",

  "name": "AirportsIncidents",

  "type": "Cumulative",

  "status": "Ongoing",

  "alertType": "Notification",

  "openCondition": "(ENTER (Airports/.*))",

  "closeCondition": "(EXIT (Airports/.*))",

  "description": "Ongoing for last 67 minutes and 5 seconds.",

  "timestamp": 1411531189000,

  "definitionName": "FLIGHTEVENT",

  "definitionOwner": "auto-generated/com.esri.ges.adapter.inbound.Text/10.2.2",

  "trackId": "7C4323",

  "geometry": "{\"x\":115.7771, \"y\":-25.301, \"z\":0.0, \"spatialReference\":{\"wkid\":4326}}",

  "duration": 4025000,

  "dismissed": "false",

  "assignedTo": "",

  "note": ""







"features": [


  "attributes": {

  "OBJECTID": 641584,

  "Time": 1411535190000,

  "RegistrationHex": "7C4323",

  "Registration": "VH-NJP",

  "AircraftType": "RJ1H",

  "Direction": 357,

  "AltitudeFT": 26025,

  "SpeedKnot": 411,

  "SpeedMPS": 211.43665999999999,

  "VerticalSpeedFPS": 0,

  "VerticalSpeedMPS": 0,

  "Sqawk": "3760",

  "Radar": "F-YGEL2",

  "OriginPort": "PER",

  "DestinationPort": "",

  "FlightNumber": "NC1996",

  "FlightIdentification": "JTE1996"


  "geometry": {

  "x": 115.77710000000002,

  "y": -25.300899999999956,

  "z": 7932.4199999999983