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How to delete old feature classes from Oracle Geodatabase

Question asked by agray1 on Sep 22, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2014 by agray1

I have some featureclasses in an sde database that were created by users no longer in the organization.  These have been determined as no longer useful.  The problem is only the creator of the data has select and insert/update/delete.  I am trying to use the sde account to delete the featureclass but it has insufficient privileges.  On feature classes I create, if I assign delete privilege to sde, sde can delete the feature class (other users granted delete can only delete rows!)   However, I cannot grant myself (sde) privileges to delete these feature classes.   I would like to pyScript this up help with data management so geoproc tools are nice.  Any one know how to delete the old stuff?  Do I need to use SQL and start messing with the SDE tables?