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Sync capability checkbox never appears on the allowed operations tab when publishing feature service on Arcmap

Question asked by muse009 on Sep 19, 2014



I use the 10.2.2 trial release of ArcMap Advanced and a 10.2.0 (build 3370) trial release of ArcGIS Server.


I try to publish a Feature Service with an enterprise Geodatabase under SQL Server. I need to enable the sync capability but, while i respect all the requirements :


- enterprise Geodatabase

- activation of archiving

- global Ids included


.....when the publish wizard is open, after selecting the" feature access" checkbox, i open the "operations allowed tab", i can just see create, query, delete and update capabilities and never sync capability.


Is that because i use trial, or too old release of ArcGIS Server, otherwhise  what else ?


Thanks in advance