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HELP! Texas FREEnet VOICE Project - census blocks on Google Earth

Question asked by freenetvoiceproject on Sep 17, 2014

FCC - Connect America Phase II – Initial Eligible Areas Map |


This is a link to the resource.  It is a federal public resource.


We need Texas Public Schools to MAP THEIR OWN district and identify the "locations" (both residential and commercial) that are "under-served" as defined by the FCC Terminology.  THESE under-served communities CAN GET broadband high-speed internet IF they can document the locations on the FCC Service Map.  These maps INCLUDE the radio tower information (database) which provides the GIS data for visualizing the area, numerated as Census Blocks and indicating the dollar values in subsidy (i.e. grant) money known as E-Rate (funded by the Universal Services Fund - USF).


The FREE (Fiber For Rural Ed Everywhere) net VOIC3E Virtual Options In C3 (Community Ed, Career Ed and Continuing Ed) Education Project is designed to apply new Development Operations (dev-ops) techniques in a Private-Public Partnership (PPP) that builds a ubiquitous network across a large geographic area with Division 1 Universities on the corners.  Waco/Temple = Baylor University (North Corner), Austin/SanMarcos = UT Austin + Texas State (South+SW Corner) and Bryan/College Station = Texas A&M.  We believe this establishes a collaboration between Schools of Education and Schools of Engineering AND an extremely broad spectrum of ideologies and cultural diversity.


IF you have connections with Texas Public Schools (in ANY way), please pass this to the curious and concerned and rattle it around in the parent organizations until SOMEBODY steps up and says, "OUR KIDS NEED FIBER, TOO!"


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Project Manager - Texas FREEnet Project (soft launch Sept 21 - Dec 21st) for Jan 1, 2015 Launch.