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Loading tif files fast.

Question asked by twiggerich on Sep 16, 2014
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I'm trying to load raster images (*.tif) to the map. The solution I did is extremly slow. So waiting for a 800x600 image nearly 4 seconds is too much. The problem is somehow the code around it, because loading an image of 6400x6400 nearly needs the same time.

I basically used the way, how to load a tif file, from the following link:

The problem is that in this solution I would always have to run the EsriRuntimeQt::LocalMapService for each file. I can't start more than one thread, because the LocalMapService tells me that a thread has already been started. Starting the LocalMapService is what needs so much time, I think.

Any suggestions what I can do?


I actually was looking around and found the Mosaic datasets. This seems to be the way I should go. But where can I find it?

In the SDK for the ArcGIS I only have a MosaicRule, but I can't give him the images (*.tif). Are there any examples on how to use this class?


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