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Why is model builder showing a local variable that is not existent when exported to Python

Question asked by geoffreywestgis on Sep 12, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2014 by geoffreywestgis

I have a Geoprocessing Model that I am attempting to publish as a GP Service.  I have changed all of my parameters from local FGBDs to an enterprise connection so that my data can be registered with the server, however when doing so, it appears as if one local variable in my python script still remains.  Could the processing of intermediate data be the cause of this? Below is a screen shot of my model.







Here the model exported as a python script, ultimately, I would like to remove the SOData.gdb local variable.

# Local variables:
SOData_gdb__3_ = "C:\\Special Collections\\SOData.gdb"
SCCat_Select__8_ = Rep_SCData_DBO_so_sc_repilica_fc
SCData_DBO_SO_SC__15_ = SCCat_Select__8_