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New Line Character - Arcpy

Question asked by j_orellana on Sep 11, 2014
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Here is my current issue, I am writting a Python script that will update my map title on a large amount of MXDs in a folder. If I hard code my text update it will work. For example if i set (hard code my text property)


elem.txt = """<FNT size="11.5">Project Title 1\r\nProject Title 2</FNT>\r\nMap of Property\r\n<dyn type= "page" property="Map_ID"/>"""


my MXDs updates with no issues


However the end result is to be able to turn my script into a Toolbox where the user can enter the updated text  as needed. However when I enter the same text into my Toolbox and run the script my MXD formatting is off. i.e. the new line character is no longer inserted.


Anyone have an idea on how I can do this in the Toolbox so it doesn't throw my formatting off?