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creating a filter (query?)

Question asked by joepub on Sep 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by JGravois-esristaff

I am using esri's feature service and ersi-leaflet library to display my map.  The following code snippet is used to display

the countries

featureURL = ""

var countries = L.esri.featureLayer(featureURL,


   style: getStyle,

  onEachFeature: onEachFeature



At this time, it is displaying all the countries.


I'd like to display (or highlight) only the countries that satisfies a certain filter or query.

For example, I want to display only the countries that satisfy the filter/query type = SDG.


I reviewed the docs and examples for esri-leaflet library but am totally lost as to how use the query method.


Can someone point me to an example that show how to use the filter/query to do the above