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Outstatistics problem in layer query

Question asked by geonetadmin on Dec 19, 2013
Original User: teartreat


on ArcGIS Server v. 10.1 SP1, through REST API I am using the Query operation for the layer.
I have a problem with output statistics option of the query. When I enter the fully qualified name of the column as onstatisticField value of json (for example: gdb_vs.SDE.GAZDINSKE_JEDINICE.GJ) I get the unable to complete operation error.

When using output statistics in query operation on other layers, where column names are not qualified (without dots in its name, for example GJ), query works fine, and displays statistics results.

I have tried just entering GJ instead, but that didnt work.
Also, since I am using javascript to call the query from application i tried to dirty the where clause of the query, like it was suggested here:, that didnt work either.

In the attachment you can see the example of the problem.