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Cache running service/application

Question asked by akamole on Dec 13, 2013
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Im going to cache a web service for the first time and have some questions:

We are running a number of web applications consisting of about 4 services each. I want to cache one of these services (DVA_Fastighetskartan)

I cant shut down the service so i need it to run in 'Dynamic mode' while the caching process is running. The caching process will go on for 2-3 days. I set the service to run on 'tiles from a cache memory' and 'Update cache manually' (screenshot below) in the Service editor and then execute the Server tool 'Manage Map Server Cache Tiles'

1. Is this the best way of caching this service?
2. Do i need to set the service to run on 'Tiles from a cache memory' or can i have the service running dynamic and then activate the usage of tiles after caching is performed?
3. If i set the service on running on tiles from a cache today (tiles which does not yet exist , and then start caching (which will not be ready for 2-3 days), what will happen witch users trying to use the service while the caching process is performed, will it run dynamically until caching is completed?