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Question about modifying the attribute tables of features in ArcGIS online

Question asked by geonetadmin on Dec 5, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2013 by astauffer-esristaff
Original User: LF2014

Hello guys,

I met a problem about modifying the attribute tables of features in ArcGIS online and wish somebody can help me to solve this problem, here is the description:

I have created a feature class called �??Damage_Assessment�?? in ArcGIS online and use ESRI data collector to collect data into this feature, the data I collected also include attachments such as photos I took when I was collecting the data in the field. Currently I have three points in this feature, and they all have photo attachments with them, when I click one point, it will show all its attributes and a �??photo�?? attachment as following picture shows:


When I click the �??photo2.jpg�?? attachment, it will pop up a new explorer window showing the picture I took by my data collector.
Now I want to modify the Damage_Assessment�?? feature such as adding a new field to its attribute table or adding new domains into its geodatabase, so I go to �??MY CONTENT�?? in ArcGIS online, and click �??Open in ArcGIS 10.1 For Desktop�?� in the drop-down list of �??Damage_Assessment�?? feature, and it will download a file named �??item.pitem�?�, then I double-click this file and it will be opened in ArcMap for deaktop shows as the following picture:


Then I right-click the �??Damage_Assessment�?? and choose �??Edit Features�?? �?? �??Create Local Cory for Editing�??, then it will save a geodatabase file in my local drive for editing, then I edit this feature by adding a field called �??test�?� in attribute table and modifying some domains in geodatabase, then I right click �??Damage_Assessment�?? and choose �??Edit Features�?? �?? �??Synchronize Local Edits with Server�?? in order to update the attribute table and domains, but all my edits such as the new �??test�?? field will be deleted when I synchronize it with server, the synchronized �??Damage_Assessment�?? feature in my local drive will become back to the original �??Damage_Assessment�?? on the server. So what it means is that it won�??t allow me to modify attribute table or geodatabase domains by downloading it, editing it with ArcGIS for desktop and synchronizing it with the original feature saved on the server. I know there is a way to publish this local �??Damage_Assessment�?? feature again to overwrite the existing �??Damage_Assessment�?? on the server, but it will delete all the attachments linked to this feature.

So here is the problem: if I want to update the attribute table by republishing it to ArcGIS online, I will lose all the attachments link to this feature, if I want to keep the attachments, then I have no way to modify the attribute table!

Has anybody met this situation before and got a good idea to solve this problem?