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ArcObjects Licence problem after ToolbarControl is added

Question asked by geonetadmin on Sep 15, 2013
Original User: holubvl3

Hello, I´m pretty new to ArcObject.

I have a quite strange problem with my first application. I´m working with VS 2012 and ArcObject 10.2. When I add to window Licence control, MapControl and TOC control everything works well (I have some LoaderLock problem but I solved it with VS 2012 exception settings).
The probelm starts when I add to WinForm ToolbarControl - after building there is an Message:

is not authorized for use.  Access the ArcGIS Administrator.
Click on the product folder on the left (e.g. Desktop), then select the Single
Use product you will be using and click the Authorize Now button.  If you
have already received an authorization file from ESRI, choose the third option
'I have received an authorization file from ESRI and am now ready to finish
the authorization process'.

My ArcGIS Licence is Borrowed Concorent for Destop Advance and Licence for ArcObjects (Engine Development).

In a added pictures, there is two state: 1. builded application without TollbarControl (OK), and 2. builded application with TollbarControl - only the error message is shown.

Does anybody know where should be a problem?

Thank you very much for help and for your replies!