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How to: intersect a line feature with a polygon feature of overlapping polygons?

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jul 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2013 by phigamma
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I have run into a problem trying to intersect a line feature with a polygon feature that contains overlapping polygons (which are deliberate and need to be maintained). The process takes extremely long and the output contains multiples of the line segments within each polygon (200 and more in some cases resulting in e.g. 10,154,395 network segments for 30,333 buffer polygons).

Here is what I am trying to achieve (I have the problem only with the bold part):

  • create buffers around individual adjacent land use parcels (the parcels are contiguous, the buffers thus overlap)

  • intersect the buffers with a road network to obtain a feature class that contains the parts of the network that are exactly within each buffer polygon (like a clip from the network for each individual buffer polygon, i.e. different segments might be assigned to several buffers, at least in part)

  • calculate the length of each of these network segments

  • use these lengths to calcuate emissions created on each network segment

  • sum these emissions for each buffer polygon

I include a couple of jpegs of (a) just the buffers and the network (where one visible network link generally contains two coincident lines, one for each direction of travel) and (b) the same with the original parcels also included.



Any helpful hints greatly appreciated!