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Report Designer - Using Element Properties

Question asked by briancoward on Apr 26, 2013
I've finally got a table generated that will work for a street index and I'm attempting to use the �??Create Report�?? tool with ArcGIS 10.1 to generate what I need for a map.  Essentially, I have it setup and working but the gap that is generated between each street name is to large.  I've been playing around with the �??Element Properties�?? and realized that the 'Can Grow' behavior is where my problem may lie.  If I set this to 'True' the street names longer then the space available will be given more space horizontally.  A nice ability to have but by having this setup it seems to cause every other street name to take up more space horizontally.  If I switch the �??Can Grow�?? to �??False�?? it fixes the issue but doesn�??t allow longer street names enough space. 
This is a problem because I have limited space on my map.  Has anyone had this issue before?  Should I be using excel and if so is there documentation on the process?  Am I missing something in the �??Element Properties�???  Appreciate any ideas.