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Coded Value Domains, Default Values, and Feature Templates

Question asked by geonetadmin on Mar 28, 2013
Original User: annmcmanus

I�??ve been having issues with coded value domains for several weeks. I know there is a bug report out on the values showing up as required when they are not required but that is minor. There also seems to be an issue with Feature Templates. If my features are symbolized by a single symbol then things are OK. By that I mean that the fields with domains show up with their default value set correctly. But if the features are symbolized by Category (Unique Value) then the Feature Template seems to do nothing. All the fields that have domains with default values, come up blank and show that they are required. I tested this by adding the same features to a map twice and publishing both together. The only difference between the two layers was the symbology. One works fine the other doesn�??t. I tried editing the feature template online. It works fine until I exit the map, then the changes don�??t stick.

This problem seems to affect ONLY ArcGIS Online Viewer. Everything works as expected in Desktop, ArcGIS Explorer Online and on my Android phone. It has also just started affecting a feature service I published in December that worked fine up until a couple of weeks ago.

I think someone else has an issue with feature templates this week (launceston)