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Accessing the ???ArcGIS viewer for flex??? installed on the server machine,

Question asked by geonetadmin on Feb 5, 2013
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Accessing the �??ArcGIS viewer for flex�?� installed on the server machine,

The �??ArcGIS viewer for flex�?� is installed on the server machine (named P2). I tried to access it (from my machine named as P1) by typing http://P2/flexviewers but sounds not to work. I got the message below


In return, I did the same thing in case of �??ArcGIS viewer for Silverlight�?� and it did work. I could access it using the url http://p2/builder/ but failed to deploy the application


What might be the issue?
How one can build these application on the server machine (p2) while working from client machine (p1)?

Do I need to have IIS on the client machine (P1)?

Thank you