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Dynamic Segmentation / Linear Referencing doesn't update / refresh

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jan 24, 2013
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Original User: DeSchlong

Hi all.

Well, more frustration. I've successfully used the "Make Route Event Layer" process to create lines along my routes.  Only, when I need to edit the table from which the Route Events are based, the changes to the table are not reflected in the lines along the routes. Isn't this the whole point of them being dynamic?  I can click refresh until the cows come home but I get nothing.  Even if I run the "Make Route Event Layer" process again, the changes aren't reflected, which is positively baffling.  Sure if I swap "Start" and "End" points, run it, then swap them back, run it again, I'll see the changes.  Or, if I CLOSE THE PROGRAM, then open it again, I'll see the changes.  Surely this is not as Mr. Dangermond envisioned?