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Conflict with spatial references in feature services

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jan 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2013 by aesalazar
Original User: asneuvon


I'm having weird trouble in publishing feature services with the spatial reference I want to use. the new ArcGIS 10.1 automatically gives the services an reference system ID 102139, although I have created them based on system 3067 (EPSG). This makes the services unusable if the spatial reference system of the Map in the service is defined as 3067. For example, when I try to zoom to a feature from the service (having this new mysterious WKID 102139) I get the following error:

"Invalid spatial reference. Spatial reference must match map's spatial reference. Clear the map layers collection prior to changing the spatial reference."

Below two images: first showing how the coordinate system is defined in the mxd (data frame) used for publishing the service and the second showing the resulting spatial reference at the REST of the service.



Any suggestions as to how I should resolve this? I do not want to change the WKID of the map in my application to the new 102139, as this will prevent it from using the WMS services that only support 3067.

Rapid help would be very welcome, as we should publish our application next week...

Kind regards,
Samuli Neuvonen