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Raster RowCount problem -  different values

Question asked by rwmeier on Nov 28, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2012 by Hornbydd
I am trying to get the row count of a raster, I have been able to do this easily enough, but the value does not match what is in the properties screen in ArcCatalog, see difference in the screen shots attached.

I have also used this code and have gotten the same, different, result from what ArcCatalog is showing.
        Geoprocessor gp = new Geoprocessor();
            GetRasterProperties getRP = new GetRasterProperties();
            getRP.in_raster = rlyr.Raster;
            getRP.property_type = "COLUMNCOUNT";
            gp.Execute(getRP, null);
            double cntcol =;

            getRP.property_type = "ROWCOUNT";
            gp.Execute(getRP, null);
            double cntrow =;

How is ArcCatalog getting it's rowcount value?

++++EDIT - I tried to get this with Python and got the same value as ArcCatalog -

>>> rowCount = arcpy.GetRasterProperties_management("s60193copy_01.cit", "ROWCOUNT")

>>> print rowCount

Any help or insight is appreciated!