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Problem - trying to 'Find' an Editor Extension

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jun 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2012 by FZhang-esristaff
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I am new to the and ArcGIS development environment.  
I am trying to add some custom code to our ArcGIS application, through 

There was an existing vb project that existed, for various custom code functionality, that was written previously by other people no longer in this group.

They had an IExtension interface.  I have just found it to be an Editor Extension class.

I have created a new IToolControl class, that implements a new drop-down ComboBox.  I have used the Tools->Customize->Commands tab, to add(drag) this new ToolControl to a custom toolbar.    This ComboBox is databound to an existing Oracle Table.  This process works.

I now need to use the selected value of the new combobox, and assign it to a different variable in the existing Editor Extension Class.

I am using the following code in my new IToolControl class.
However, the "m_pExt" value is always Null or Nothing.  

Am I missing something ?

Thanks so much.

  Public Sub OnCreate(ByVal hook As Object) Implements ESRI.ArcGIS.SystemUI.ICommand.OnCreate
        m_pApp = CType(hook, IApplication)

        m_pMxDoc = m_pApp.Document
        Dim u As UID = New UIDClass

        u.Value = "SaskTelVBNet.sln.Extension"

         m_pExt = m_pApp.FindExtensionByCLSID(u)

        m_AC_ComboBoxForm = New FrmControls

    End Sub