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ArcGIS10: OLE DB Connection-Create Feature Class from XY Table of accdb. 11 Points?

Question asked by ScottChang25 on Apr 26, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2012 by ScottChang25
Hi all,

I create an accdb file in Access 2007: Name of columns are  ID   OrgName  X   Y  FID in Table1.  In Database Connections-OLE DB Connection-Table1 of ArcCatalog10, I did "Create Feature Class" from "XY Table", selected GCS_North_America_1983 for XY Coordinate System, and then I generated an XYaccdbTable1 shapefile in my C:\Documents and Settings\...\My Documents\ArcGIS\Default.gdb\XYaccdbTable1.  Finally, I did brought the XYaccdbTable1 shapefile to my mxd Map via the ADD DATA procedure.  It worked without any errors.  In the Attribute Table, I got 11 "Point" records - the first attached file. But, I just got 8 points appeared on the Map - see the second attahed file.  3 Points (Points "0", "6" and "7") are missing on the Map!!!  I don't know what went wrong in creating the XYaccdbTable1 shapefile!!!???  Please help and advise me how I can figure out this strange result and resolve this problem to make the 3 Points to appeared on the mxd Map.

Scott Chang