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To maximize values while adding rasters?

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jan 3, 2012
Original User: fpoodat


Has anybody know how I can maximize some of the raster values when I overlay a number of raster data and add up their values?

In fact I am in the middle of process to develop a resistance layer in ArcGIS which shows how much the landscape is resistant to the movement of a specific animal species. They are 7 raster layers involved in which each feature class has been ranked between '0' and '8'. Pixels with '6' and '8' values are assumed to be the most resistant ones(barrier) and no matter with which layer they are overlaid, they need to be shown as the maximum value of the final resultant resistant layer (should be something around '28').  So How can I maximize the feature classes with '6' and '8' value in any of the input raster to have value of '28' in the final resultant raster?

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