how to create and display and ellipse on the map

Discussion created by drempel on Aug 17, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2010 by drempel
I am trying to create and display an ellipse from the user selecting 2 points using the NewEllipseFeedbackClass but am not having any luck.  Here is the code I am using:
EllipticArcClass ellipticalArc = new EllipticArcClass();
                    IEnvelope env = new EnvelopeClass();
                    IPoint lowerLeft = new PointClass();
                    lowerLeft.X = centerPoint.X - width;
                    lowerLeft.Y = centerPoint.Y - height;
                    IPoint upperRight = new PointClass();
                    upperRight.X = centerPoint.X + width;
                    upperRight.Y = centerPoint.Y + height;
                    env.LowerLeft = lowerLeft;
                    env.UpperRight = upperRight;

                    IGraphicTrackerSymbol graphicTrackerSymbol = this.graphicTracker.CreateSymbol(simpleFillSymbol, null);

                    int shapeId = this.graphicTracker.Add(ellipticalArc, graphicTrackerSymbol);

I have tried some of the other methods such as PutCoords and PutCoordsbyAngle but was unable to get them to work.  Anyone have any hints on how to do this?