REST Service directory problem (ARCGIS SERVER 10)

Discussion created by jwnielsen on Aug 16, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2010 by jwnielsen
Been trying to upgrade to ARCGIS server 10 and i have uninstalled all of our 9.3.1 software. After installing and configuring our server with the .NET, web services and ADF software. My problem is when you go to the REST Service directory nothing shows up. It says page not found.

I can go in to ARCCATALOG and create a service but when you try to browse to the service directory it just say page not found. The Manager works fine and you can create a service in there and still nothing shows up.

I have been able to create an application in .net and the services are there. When 9.3.1 was running on the server i never had this problem.

I do not get any errors during the installation.

My hope is somebody in the forums has had this issue in installing ARCSERVER 10 and figured out what could be causing it or had a suggestion.


Jason Nielsen