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Upgraded 9.3.1 File Geodatabase to 10.0 SP1 | Used Toolbox Wizard | Unable to Connect

Question asked by mbriehl on Apr 27, 2011
Latest reply on May 5, 2011 by geonetadmin
I recently upgraded to ArcGIS Desktop (ArcInfo). I have a file geodatabase that was created in 9.3.1 and I wanted to upgrade it to 10.0. So, I right clicked on the geodatabase while in catalog and then to properties. In the general properties window I clicked on upgrade geodatabase to current version. The processing window went through the paces and everything appeared to be okay. Both dialog boxes were checked for running an initial check and upgrade geodatabase.

Now, I get the attached error whenever I try to view the contents of the geodatabase using ArcCatalog. I have tried to open it in V.10 ArcCatalog and V.9.3.1 ArcCatalog with no success.

I sincerely hope that there is a way to restore/fix the geodatabase outside of a backup system.