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ArcGIS 10: Bug with color correction

Question asked by imuepis on Nov 5, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2010 by geonetadmin
For a past few days I`m trying to apply color correction to my raster catalog but ...
It is always a good practice to RTFM before trying to do something. So I did: Color balancing a raster catalog
So before applying this on my actual data I created a simple raster catalog with just two raster datasets. Both of them were 8-bit and had 3 bands. So next thing I did was statistics and pyramid calculation. After this I was able successfully apply color balancing which gave me confidence that nothing wrong will happen when I`ll try to apply it on my production data. I was so wrong ...
First some of the data had 16-bit pixel depth and all other 8-bit so I converted all to have 8-bits pixel depth. Then I used statistics calculation tool for the data - 10 hours of work and I`m ready to apply color correction: Color correction->Color balancing->Dodging balancing->Color grid->GO. When first step reached 33% - "Color correction requires each raster band to have a histogram... Use the Build Pyramids and Statistics geoprocessing tool to calculate statistics."
Agh... what? I did this. How the **** it`s missing? Ok lets try this again... calculate statistics... yet another 10 hours passed. Color balance -> same error. Is this some kind of joke? Where is the information about which of the datasets is missing those statistics? Or should I check 2774 datasets by hand?