REST API - AddFeatures issue (duplicate feature geometry created)

Discussion created by cpher on Aug 13, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2010 by cpher
Hi all,
I'm successfully adding a point feature to a feature service via the REST API's AddFeature endpoint. However, when inspecting the x,y coordinates of the features, they are identical to the feature that existed prior to the REST request. e.g. my feature class had 12 points. Running my REST request successfully adds a 13th point, but the x,y coords for this point are identical to the 12th point, although the geometry sent in the request is different.
Has anyone else experienced this?

FYI, refreshing the map service and clearing the REST cache do not fix this, and should not really be a factor anyway. I can successfully add points using the Flex Viewer 2.0 and their coordinates appear to be correct. This is only an issue when adding points via code (C#) using the REST API.