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Export Data Creating Extra Fields When SQL Geometry Storage Type Used

Question asked by kreuzrsk on Sep 4, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2014 by kreuzrsk

The 10.1 upgrade process changes the default geometry type from SDEBinary to SQL Geometry.  Since SDEBinary is going away the sooner we migrate away from SDEBinary the better I thought but that hasn't been the case.  We have multiple workflows that are now broken.   New fields are added to the output feature class when doing both an ArcMap Export and using the Feature Class to Feature Class tool.  If the fc is a polygon, the area and length fields get duplicated with the addition of Shape_STArea__ and Shape_STLength__ in the output feature class.  This happens both when going to a file geodatabase and an SDE geodatabase.  This doesn't occurer when the the source feature class is SDEBinary.


After contacting ESRI support I found out that this is expected behavior and not considered a bug.  So, now I have to figure out programmatic work arounds and change interactive workflows. Is there a way to determine the storage type of an SDE feature class in python? If I know the storage type is Geometry I can add a delete fields line to my programs.


We are running ArcSDE 10.1 with SQL Server 2012.


Feature Class Properties after FC2FC.png