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ArcObjects spatial query using IRelationalOperator

Question asked by damola007 on Sep 3, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2014 by damola007

Hi there,


I'm trying to write a C# ArcObjects code to do the following:

1) draw a polygon around an area and store that area values in a field in a polygon feature class e.g. polygon X

2) within the polygon X, do a spatial query using TWO source feature classes i.e. source A and source B

3) source A feature class has identical fields as source B feature class, but the records contained in them are different

4) source A feature class and source B feature class usually have overlapping polygons, hence why spatial query is necessary to identify the overlap area and store this value in another field in polygon X.


Is it possible to do a spatial query based on two sources and one target layer?


this is not possible using "select by location" tool in ArcMap, but can ArcObject IRelationalOperator interface do this?


the examples I have seen so far only shows query between a target layer and a source layer.


Many thanks for your feed backs.