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Make netcdf raster layer problems

Question asked by Khaled808 on Sep 4, 2014

I have a NetCDF file containing daily rainfall data across Europe between 1995-2013 from the European Climate and Assessment Dataset (the file is too large to attach, it can be downloaded from http://


The content of the NetCDF file is as follows:


netcdf file: E:\UCL\Italian_data\Rainfall\  (NETCDF3_CLASSIC)


       longitude = 464

       latitude = 201

       time = 23376


       float32 longitude(longitude=464)

                 :long_name = Longitude values

                 :units = degrees_east

                 :standard_name = longitude

       float32 latitude(latitude=201)

                 :long_name = Latitude values

                 :units = degrees_north

                 :standard_name = latitude

       int32 time(time=23376)

                 :long_name = Time in days

                 :units = days since 1950-01-01 00:00

                 :standard_name = time

       int16 rr(time=23376, latitude=201, longitude=464)

                 :long_name = rainfall

                 :units = mm

                 :standard_name = thickness_of_rainfall_amount

                 :_FillValue = -9999

                 :scale_factor = 0.1

global atributes:





I would like to use the 'Make netcdf raster layer' tool to create a multidimensional raster. I complete the boxes with input netcdf

variable - rainfall

X Dimension - Longitude

Y Dimension - Latitude

Output raster - name

Dimension Values - time


however, when I run the tool, the raster is created displaying rainfall from the most recent date (31/12/2013). when I right click on the raster, select properties and click on the NetCDF tab, time is in the 'Dimesion values' box but when I click in the box showing the date it does not have a drop down box of all other dates to select (e.g. 01/01/1995-31/12/2013) only the single date.


Any ideas what the problem is?