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Color-Coding by time in ArcGIS Online - Need help

Question asked by CrisPerez on Sep 3, 2014



I am using Collector and a Dashboard Map in ArcGIS Online to track the location of my phone. I would like to be able to color-code the symbols based on time, but that feature is not available or i can't find it. I thought a work around that would still be useful is to add the tracking layer twice to the dashboard map, and have one symbol for all my "bread crums" (points that display where i have been", and a different symbol for the latest point collected. That means i need to filter by time, or by object ID. But the filtering capability is limited to "greater than". I can't use any "go to last record" or "maximum time stamp", or "max object ID". So. I need a variable to find the time in my device, and set the filter to Creation Date is before "now", or something like that. Can you guys help me out? I am stuck here! THANK YOUUUU!!!