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How to create schematic attribute as associated field using ArcObjects?

Question asked by kevinlecocq on Sep 2, 2014
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I'm trying to automate the complete creation of a schematic template with ArcObjects SDK for Java (10.2).

I've managed to create the GDB, the schematic dataset and the schematic diagram class (template).

Then, I created a schematic element class associated with a feature class taken from the same GDB, which works.

I would like to share a field "NAME" between the feature class and the schematic element class, in order to label the nodes of a schematic diagram.

So, I tried that:


     ISchematicElementClass nodeSchematicElementClass = schematicDataset.createSchematicElementClass("NODE", esriSchematicElementType.esriSchematicNodeType);


     nodeSchematicElementClass.alterAssociatedObjectClass(schematicDataSource, nodeFeatureClass.getObjectClassID());



     nodeSchematicElementClass.setQueryString("SELECT * FROM NODE");



     UID associatedFieldUID = new UID();

     associatedFieldUID.setValue("{7DE3A19D-32D0-41CD-B896-37CA3AFBD88A}"); // taken from the file ...\Desktop10.2\bin\configuration\CLSID\esri.clsid.ecfg

     ISchematicAttribute schematicAttribute = nodeSchematicElementClass.createSchematicAttribute("NAME", associatedFieldUID);


then I get the following ArcObjects error in the last line:


AutomationException: 0x80040a28 - Additional field can't be added : NAME in 'Esri Schematics'


I get the same error with any other field name.

Does anybody have a solution? Am I doing something wrong with my attribute field association?

I would appreciate any help! Thanks,