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Connecting to ArcSDE on Postgres very slow

Question asked by florian_rienaecker on Aug 29, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by ssearleesriuk-esridist

Hi everyone,


we recently set up a new ArcSDE 10.2 on a Posgres 9.2 Database and moved all our FeatureClasses (about 750) over from our Oracle based ArcSDE.


However, establishing the connection now takes a couple of minutes to complete whereas when we were still in the testing phase (about 10 FeatureClasses) everything ran rather quickly, connections taking a few seconds to establish.


So far we have analyzed that ArcGIS queries all FeatureClasses for the privilege to INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and SELECT separately for each FeatureClass before finishing the connect. This seems to be the major time sink for us.


Is there any way to speed this up or avoid this sort of query all along? After all it would technically suffice if this query was done per FeatureClass right before the action is performed rather than do this for all FeatureClasses beforehand.