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Rocky question: CostPath gives error for specific points

Question asked by labordena on Sep 2, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2014 by labordena

Hi Masters!

I am using the tool CostPath. As an input feature destination data I've entered several points (no specific value, just distributed geographically), and as the cost distance raster I've entered the cost distance raster previously done with CostDistance.

My question is that I can draw the CostPath line from all the points except for three. And I cannot figure out why.

It's important to remark that I've been able to draw to CostPath lines from all the points with other CostDistance rasters, however it is not possible to draw the CostPath line for this specific CostDistance raster and for the same three points.

Could you be so kind as to figure out the possible problem and solution?

(I've re-drawn that particular CostDistance raster several times and nothing happens, that's why I need your help to figure out which problem there could be).

Thanks for your wisdom!