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Feature Layer not displayed in Android App

Question asked by pchatwork on Aug 21, 2014

Hello ...


1) I imported an existing offline basemap .. .tpk file into Arcmap 10.2.1 using Arccatalogue

2) I created a featureclass( with ploygon features) in Arcmap 10.2.1 over the basemap and created one feature layer which has polygon shaped field drawn on the basemap.

3) Then i generated the .geodatabase file for runtime sharing , so as to use it in my Android application.(as suggested in the webpage below)

4) I copied the .tpk file and .geodatabase file and my code is as follwos in my android app..



mMapView.addLayer(new ArcGISLocalTiledLayer("Path to my existing .TPK file"));


Geodatabase localGdb = null;
try {

localGdb = new Geodatabase("PATH TO MY .geodatabase file"); 
} catch (FileNotFoundException e) {

for (GeodatabaseFeatureTable gdbFeatureTable : localGdb.getGeodatabaseTables()) {
if (gdbFeatureTable.hasGeometry())
mMapView.addLayer(new FeatureLayer(gdbFeatureTable));



I am unable to see the field i drawed using Arcmap in my android application when i use the basemap .TPK file.

I can only see my field(feature layer) drawn only when i am not including the basemap .TPK file.


Please help ...


Many thanks ...