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Query of time range in Query Builder with Timestamp

Question asked by tmlai on Aug 18, 2014

I have a geodatabase to show some points with timestamp "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss". All data are in different data.


If I filter the data in a period of particular date and time, such as



"DateTime" Between date '2014-01-22 07:28:35' AND date '2014-01-22 09:28:39'


It works.


But I would like to filter the data in time range in all different dates, 14:00:00 to 14:30:00 in ALL dates (such as 2014-01-22, 2014-01-23 and 2014-01-24 ...). How can I do?


I tried to use wildcard like 

"DateTime" Between date '%07:28:35' AND date '%09:28:39'

but it did not work.


Can any one suggest how to use query builder to filter the data in the particular time period in different dates?