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geometry error when zooming map

Question asked by conabio_sig on Aug 14, 2014
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Dear all,


We’ve prepared this storymap, using mainly feature services:


Now we observed the following issue: When you click any of the polygons and use the “zoom to” option in the pop-up window to focus on this polygons, you ´ll face the selected polygon with a simplified geometry (see figure below).  Switch the topic on the same zoom level, and the geometry is rendered correctly again.


The geometry itself is correct – we have checked this on ArcGIS-Online. Moreover, the problem does not occur when you use other options of zooming (e.g. scroll).


Hence, it seems that the map loads a simplified geometry at the beginning which is not updated when you use the “zoom to” option in the pop-up, but is updated correctly when you zoom via scroll.


Any hints, why the issues occur and how we can solve it?


Thank you & best regards,