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Why are code snippets in ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .Net (Beta) in Java.

Question asked by dalejs on Aug 14, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2014 by dalejs

Hi, thanks for looking at my question.  I am working with ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .Net (Beta).  I can build the little app to show a map.  Now I want to create an offline geodatabase, perform edits, then sync back to the feature server.


I need to know if I am missing something, I am using Visual Studio 2012, and the code samples/snippets are Java.  I am working on converting the code to .net which is beyond time consuming, is there a setting in Visual Studio 2012 to allow it to run Java?


So is there a piece I am missing in understanding why the SDK is .Net and the code is Java?


Thank you for your time.  Dale,