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arcpy.SearchCursor and a query Layer

Question asked by Byrne1978 on Aug 13, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2014 by tbu100

Hi all,


We have developed that a python script that will allow us to search a FGDb however once we put it onto the server and use it against a Query Feature Class (a view containing a query from several tables) then it fails as it doesnt like the data source.

When we hard coded the connection path it states that the expression is empty!!!


Please find the code below, any ideas on a SearchCursor within arcpy that can search a query layer?? Like I said, we know the code works it's just this one thing that is failing on the new environment


  cursor = arcpy.SearchCursor(fieldsLyr.dataSource, where_clause=ddp_field + " = '" + busid + "'", fields="MIA_BY_CATEGORY")

Any help is always appreciated,