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webMap didLoadLayer snapshot mode

Question asked by bt_kdunaway on Aug 12, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2014 by bt_kdunaway

This is the setup I have right now in an iOS app.

FeatureLayers are loaded from the webMap in didLoadLayer, and I set them to variables that I make changes to and push updates.



@property (nonatomic, strong) AGSFeatureLayer *myLayer;

- (void) webMap:(AGSWebMap *) webmap didLoadLayer:(AGSLayer *)layer
myLayer = (AGSFeatureLayer*)layer;

myLayer updateFeatures:@[featureImUpdating]


My problem is when I zoom in on a feature, the featureLayer only contains the features in the mapView, which I believe is onDemand mode?

If onDemand mode is the default for didLoadLayer, is there a way for me to change that to snapshot?



I would like to load all the features at once, instead of setting up queries.


Thanks for any help.