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Can server software license be easily changed to another server?

Question asked by BruceLang on Aug 8, 2014

I'm in the process of learning "Server" using ArcGIS Desktop Standard 10.2.2 with MS SQL Express 2008 R2.  Gleaning what I can from Administering Your Microsoft SQL Server Geodatabase | Esri Video


FYI - Currently on ArcGIS 10.0 Desktop/ArcGIS Server 9.1/MS SQL Server 2000


We're planning to use ArcGIS Desktop Standard 10.2.2/ArcGIS Server Enterprise Basic 10.2.2/MS SQL Server 2012 R2


Some geodatabase tasks require a Server authorization file.  So, can a temporary authorization file be created for SQL Express then when our REAL server shows up recreate it for Server Enterprise Basic 10.2.2?


I hope I'm making sense.  Thanks in advance.




Update: I suppose the first question I need answered is - can SQL Express use an authorization file?  If not, then the question above is not possible anyway.


Final Update: This is not possible using SQL Express