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BindLicense with multiple products

Question asked by bveldkamp on Aug 6, 2014
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I want to check all installed products, and bind to the first available one. Now I have a machine with an expired Engine license, but with a valid Desktop license. The following code should do the trick, but it doesn't. If the first checked license is not available, all others fail as well. If I change the order of the list, e.g. Desktop comes first, it works, if Engine is first, it doesn't.


foreach (var product in new[] {ProductInfo.Engine, ProductCode.Desktop, ProductCode.Server})
        RuntimeManager.BindLicense(product, LicenseLevel.Standard);
        Console.WriteLine("Arcgis product {0} is licensed", product);
        return true;
    catch (RuntimeManagerException e)
        Console.WriteLine("Arcgis product {0} is not licensed", product);

return false;


Any idea why this doesn't work?