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Default version keeps changing and stops saving edits when needed.

Question asked by msbsmith on Aug 6, 2014
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When creating a new featureclass in my sde database (10.2) I register it as versioned so that it can be edited.  So over many years I now have lots of versioned, editable featureclasses in my database.


I'm getting in to an increasingly frustrating situation where a user can't save edits when they want because the default version has changed.  They have to try again and again to save until the save is accepted.  Similarly, if I need to load features from a shapefile for example into a featureclass in the database (using ArcCatalog), it can process the load and at the end pop up with a message saying the load didn't work because the default version has changed since I started.  This can be a pain if loading thousands of records because it can waste a lot of time looking like it's loading, only to fail at the end because the default version has change, I then have to start again, and again.


The default version seems to be database-wide, not a default per featureclass, so a change to one featureclass impacts on someone trying to save changes to a completely different featureclass.  I'm sure it can't be designed to work this way (preventing saving and loading so frequently), so what is best practice here, how can I overcome this?