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Question asked by littleleaf on Aug 5, 2014
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I want to perform a spatial search on ArcMap 10.2, cannot find proper sample for, what I found is the code from VBA. When I trying to convert it to, I encounter reference problem, the code is as following:


Public Function SpatialQuery(pFeatureClassIN As esriGeoDatabase.IFeatureClass, _

                             searchGeometry As esriGeometry.IGeometry, _

                             spatialRelation As esriGeoDatabase.esriSpatialRelEnum, _

                             Optional whereClause As String = "" _

                             ) As esriGeoDatabase.IFeatureCursor



        Dim pSpatialFilter As esriGeoDatabase.ISpatialFilter

        Dim strShpFld As String

        Dim pFeatCursor As esriGeoDatabase.IFeatureCursor

        Dim pQueryFilter As esriGeoDatabase.IQueryFilter



        ' create a spatial query filter

        pSpatialFilter = New esriGeoDatabase.SpatialFilter



        ' specify the geometry to query with

        pSpatialFilter.Geometry = searchGeometry



        ' specify what the geometry file is called on the Feature Class that we will be querying against

        strShpFld = pFeatureClassIN.ShapeFieldName

        pSpatialFilter.GeometryField = strShpFld



        ' specify the type of spatial operation to use

        pSpatialFilter.SpatialRel = spatialRelation



        ' create the where statement

        pSpatialFilter.whereClause = whereClause



        ' perform the query and use a cursor to hold the results

        pQueryFilter = pSpatialFilter

        pFeatCursor = pFeatureClassIN.Search(pQueryFilter, False)



        SpatialQuery = pFeatCursor



    End Function


Then I got the following errors:




Not sure is it because the library difference of ArcGIS version? or what kind of library missing in my vb file? what shoukd I do to make it work?


Thanks for your time.