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How to make spatial correlation in ArcGIS

Question asked by wsr102209 on Aug 5, 2014
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Hi everyone!

I am now having a tough problem that I have any idea how to make a spatial correlation in ArcGIS. I just wonder if anyone could help me or give me some tips if possible. I will explain more details as following.


I have two vector shpfiles, of which these two files are polygon. these polygon represent  location of cities and size of cities in same region but different database. It means that  these two polygons are somewhat similar.In terms of area of city, I would like to have certain spatial processing which can calculate its spatial correlation (not only size of cities but spatial correlation). I know spatial join function can make some spatial processing but dont know how does this function work with spatial correlation.


In order to have a clear understanding,I will give a details example:

For example, these two layer that I am going to work with are named as  Layer A and Layer B.

Layer A is a map of chicago and Layer B is also a map of chicago. However, the city boudary( size of certain polygons) of Layer A is little larger than the city boundary of Layer B(Also, some cities existed in Layer A might not be found in another layer,etc). Supposing if I make a Intersect function, They would have a overlay area that we can have both layers inside. Also, one Big polygon in Layer A might corresponding to two or even more small polygons in Layer B.


I dont have much backround in such work so it would be very helpful if someone can kindly share his/her idea to this. Also,I would very happy if anyone can provide some new prespective.


Thank you for your time