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MXD Won't Drop SDE Data Source - Problem with Map Service Publishing

Question asked by kreuzrsk on Jul 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2014 by kreuzrsk

I'm trying to publish an MXD on our production ArcGIS Map Server but the analyze keeps reporting that a data source is not registered with ArcGIS Server.  It thinks there is a layer coming from our dev database instance when after all of  MXD layers have been repointed to our production database instance.

I've used both the ArcCatalog - Set Data Sources and manually resourcing the layers but with no luck.  Has anyone seen were ArcGIS Server complain about a datasource that no longer exists in the MXD?  There are only about 8 layers in the map some of which contain Joins.  Do we have to manually redo the joins?


The data is in ArcSDE 10.1 SP1, SQL 2012.