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Controlling annotation label rotation with data driven pages

Question asked by paul.haakma on Jul 30, 2014

Hi all.


With data driven pages and using the Maplex labeling engine, it is possible to provide an attribute driven rotation for each data driven page yet keep point and polygon labels un-rotated. If necessary and as an alternative, you can even link the label rotation to an attribute field as well.


However, I have a need to control label placement manually, which annotation labeling does fine. The problem is, converting labels to annotation labels seems to not only lock in the placement, but also the rotation (angle). I cannot find any way to link label annotation angle/rotation to a field, nor a global setting to get them to remain un-rotated regardless of data driven page rotation.


It seems you can alter the angle of each label manually of course, but with around 20,000 labels this is impractical.


Any suggestions on how to control the annotation label rotation with data driven pages?


Or an alternative way to manually control label placement without using annotation labels?