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create multiple layers from attrubute script

Question asked by jwalkerack on Jul 30, 2014

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if someone knows of any available tools or
scripts available for the problem. I am working with a database which is
updated at various times within the year.
Within Arc the different attributes within the table are saved out as
layers. As information is updated, the layers need to be updated.

At the moment this is a manual task. The Symbology is run on
the field of interest and then then the layer name is manually changed and a
layer file is saved out. There are lots of layers, so it makes the task very manual;
also when the updates need to be done the process has to be started off again.

I was wondering if there is a tool or a script out there
that would look into a table and allow the user to define the fields that they
would like to create layer files for

Using the field name automatically as the layer file

Within the table I am working in when there is no value it
has been entered as a null value. This happened when the data was joined from an
Excel table.

For the Symbology initially it would be ok to have unique
values and have some way of dealing with the null values.

The out being a layer file that contains only values that
have a number


So I have put in a mock table below.  If the tool was to prompt the user to be able
to pick the Graduates, Girls, Boys, Medical and Sports Fields


Header 1
ObjectidNameLat Long Date Graduates Girls Boys Medical Sports
1New Pit xx05/04/2569Null12021
2New Deer xx06/04/256910Null3462
3New way xx07/04/2569Null386543
4New York xx08/04/25692Null76564
5Old Deer xx09/04/2569Null3423105
6Ellon xx10/04/25691Null1306
7Tarvis xx11/04/2569NullNullNullNull60
8Aberdour xx12/04/25696728Null323
9Capatian xx13/04/25692Null343
10Alder xx14/04/2569Null55545




The output, would be 

5 layer files, names Graduates , Girls , Boys , Medical and
Sports , that only had points when there was a value and did not show the null

I have not much experience with python , but this seems like
it might have been something that has been asked before , or there is an
existing script for. Anyone has any experience of something such as this ?

Thanks a lot for your time