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Simple Python Script Runs on Desktop but Not Server

Question asked by djhorn on Jul 29, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2017 by mt260706

I wrote a python script that simply lists out all of the feature classes in our SDE database, which I'm running directly through the Python Shell. The script will eventually export feature classes from our SDE database to a file geodatabase via Windows Task Scheduler, but I was having trouble getting that to work, so I simplified it to do some testing. The script is below:


import arcpy
from arcpy import env
env.workspace = "//"
print arcpy.ListFeatureClasses()


On my desktop PC (Win 7 64-bit, ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2.2), the script executes correctly and returns the list of features:



But when I run it on the server (Windows Server 2008R2, ArcGIS for Server 10.2.2), it does not return any feature classes, and I'm stumped as to why that is:



Any thoughts on what might be causing it? In the screenshots I show that the server is using the ArcServer license, while the desktop is using the ArcInfo, but I'm not sure if that should make a difference.